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: "Featured image showcasing the launch of the 'Emojify India' campaign, promoting inclusivity and diversity through emojis representing India's states and union territories."

The Advertising Club Bangalore Launches “Emojify India” Campaign

  The Advertising Club Bangalore has partnered with Alttribe.World to launch the “Emojify India” campaign on World Emoji Day, aiming to promote...

"Image showcasing the use of the new WhatsApp smartwatch app on Wear OS"

Mark Zuckerberg announces WhatsApp smartwatch app now available on Wear OS

  Mark Zuckerberg has announced the release of the first WhatsApp smartwatch app on Wear OS, allowing users to start conversations, reply to messages, and take...

Bobble AI launches new campaign

“My Bobble Keyboard 2020” launch announced by Bobble AI

‘My Bobble Keyboard 2020’, the New Year campaign is announced to be launched by the world’s first Conversation Media Platform,  Bobble AI. The platform offers...