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Brands and Consumers: 2021 and Beyond session 2 on 3rd March

ISA to hold second session of ‘Brands and Consumers: 2021 and Beyond’

As the pandemic has hit the world, consumer behaviour has gone through a paradigm shift. And as a result, to that, brands are exposed to various new challenges. In...


Sushil Matey appointed as CEO of The Indian Society of Advertisers

Mr. Sushil Matey has been appointed as the CEO of the only national body for advertisers,the Indian Society of Advertisers (ISA). The ISA has been the working as the...


The Indian Society of Advertisers (ISA) elects Sunil Kataria as Chairman

The newly elected Executive Council of the Indian Society of Advertisers (ISA) met on September 21, 2020.  Mr. Sunil Kataria, Chief Executive Officer, India and...