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Govinda’s Daughter Driving Everyone Crazy With Her Short Film

There’s a new star kid in the block and people are quite amazed by her work. We are talking about Tina Ahuja, Govinda’s daughter and the star of Zee5’s...

Tina Ahuja

Govinda’s daughter Tina Ahuja to star in Zee5 with Mudit Nayar

Zee5 is about to release its next short film titled ‘Driving Me Crazy’ on 29th October starring Tina Ahuja, the daughter of superstar Govinda and Mudit Nayar, the...

Tina Ahuja ’s next single out: Becomes a modern-day Heer

Tina Ahuja’s next single out: Becomes a modern-day Heer

With today’s audiences being bombarded with remixes of popular songs, singles come as a breath of fresh air. Govinda’s daughter Tina Ahuja, who is still...