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Wagh Bakri Brews “Pyar Wali Chai” campaign with Fresh 4 New TVC

Tea in India is not just a beverage; who understands this better than the Most Trusted Tea Brand in India – Wagh Bakri? The brand boasts of serving this country...

Expanding the market of India's most Damdar tea brand- Wagh Bakri Tea Group’s Mili Tea.

Expanding the market of tea brand- Wagh Bakri Tea Group’s Mili Tea

Wagh Bakri has a committed customer base of tea-lovers both here and abroad. Their Mili chai brand epitomizes their product quality, delivering a strong, flavourful brew...

Wagh Bakri Mili Tea

Wagh Bakri’s Mili Tea promotes woman empowerment

Wagh Bakri Tea Group has launched a new TVC to promote ‘Mili’ Tea. In the latest ‘Mili’ TVC SakshiTanwar, the brand ambassador tactfully conveys the message of...