An advanced AI platform is launched by farm communications

farm communications launches an advanced analytics and insights platform

farm Communications launches an advanced analytics platform and insights service which includes Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Diagnostic Analytics, and Descriptive Analytics in order to deliver actionable intelligence. The advanced analytics software is measurable with pre built and easy to use applications and services and this tool has been conceptualized with an aim to enabling corporate communications (PR) professionals over levels of people who are searching for more value based insights.

After almost over 2 decades of being in the industry and identifying the underlying gaps, the founder of the farm communications, Sahir Khan said, “In the demanding market conditions that we are in due to COVID, we are confident that our product will fill in the gap of how to convert everyday data to actionable insights. Our platform is not just another AI and Machine Learning engine that provides social insights. farm communications has partnered with one of the world’s leading AI platforms, that fundamentally reimagines the possibilities of social data. It derives, builds and predicts outcomes by combining the intelligence of people and algorithms in a manner that redefines data for its users.”

farm communications will observe more than 100 editorial contents of media sources continuously and then identify, analyse and save the content containing over 000s of specific topics or keywords on the world wide web in any language of the world. The tool can listen to what people are saying, why they said it and when and can also find influencers, compare with competitors and show the results in minutes. Farm’s business analysts can offer some actual time of the insights, solutions and even the strategy to the corporate communication professionals.

farm communication is a sports consultancy firm for the new generation that aims to assist brands to connect with their customers, colleagues and communities through sports. the company was founded by Sahir Khan in the year 2016.

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