Amber Rose launches her personal app with US-based tech firm, escapex

Amber Rose

Mother, activist, entrepreneur, spokesperson, published author and social media sensation Amber Rose announced the launch of the Official Amber Rose app available on iOS and Android devices. Amber has complete control of her app where fans can post content and be seen through the fan feed feature. The app comes from US-based tech firm escapex, whose patented technology allows for Amber’s biggest fans to boost their posts for Amber to see and respond to. Empowered by the freedom of her own platform, Amber is sharing never before seen content, interacting with her biggest fans and building an inclusive community for them to come together.

“I’m so excited to finally be launching my official app!” Amber said. “We’ve been working really hard to make sure it’s perfect. I wanted it to be very personal so it’s going to be full of content you can’t find on any of my other platforms. I also know how amazing my fans are, so this gives me the opportunity to show them I see and hear them. I want to give back and build a tight-knit community in which they can all feel empowered to be themselves with the support of other members of the amazing Amber Rose community.”

Fans on the app will feel closer than ever before to Amber, as they will be the first and only to see content with comedic viral sensation ‘Blame It On Kway,’ live videos, behind-the-scenes photos, giveaways and more. Fans will also be able to contribute their own content to the fan feed, in which they can build up and buy in-app currency to boost their posts for Amber to see. With the ability to see who her biggest fans are, Amber plans to give back in as many ways as possible – fueling their business goals, paying a month’s rent, assisting in tuition and much more.

“My main goal is to use my platform as a medium to help women. I want everyone to feel heard and loved. I’m looking forward to hearing their life stories on the fan feed and helping as much as I can.” Amber said.
In celebration of her app launch, Amber will be holding a mega contest on her app. She’ll be picking three of her biggest fans on the app to fly out and get an opportunity to be a part of Amber Rose slutwalk and get to meet her.

With the use of technology we are glad to have enabled Amber to have her own platform in the mobile environment where she controls engagement, reach, content & monetization. Amber Rose has always been a pioneering personality and she leads the way in this space and it will be delight for the fans who idolise her,” said Shamik Talukder, Chief Business Officer of escapex.

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