Blackberrys launches the ‘The Unwrinkle Revolution’


Leading menswear brand, Blackberrys, has launched an exciting campaign for its revolutionary collection, Performance 100. The campaign themed as ‘the Unwrinkle Revolution’ is nothing short of a social anthem for men for leading a stress-free life. Performance 100, the newest addition to Blackberrys innovation, is a range of wrinkle resistant and non iron shirts.

The idea revolves around getting 24 x 7 performance and unfaltering style with shirts that never give up. 100% cotton shirts are taped at seams to give that pucker-less, wrinkle resistant look that is sharp and crisp all day long. What you get is ‘Workactionwear’ to look fresh – be it a business brunch or an investors’ dinner.

To leverage its ‘Unwrinkle Revolution’ campaign, Blackberry’s has launched an interactive digital film for the new age men who are always on the go. The video features a light-hearted, chucklesome story of a young professional called Reeshu. The video traces Reeeshu’s transformation from being stuck up, stressed and socially awkward individual who has a particular OCD for looking absolutely prim, to a fun, passionate and happy-go-lucky guy, when his personal and professional life unwrinkles; as chronicled by his friends and family. The video is being aggressively promoted through all social media and digital platforms.

Talking about the campaign, Mr. Nikhil Mohan, Founder & Director, Blackberrys, said, “This is the year of shirts for us and we want our Performance 100 shirts collection to be the flag-bearer. Our SS16 campaign is focused on Performance 100 Shirts and resonates our strategy of loosening up as a formals menswear brand in India. We look forward to see men in India ‘UNWRINKLE’ and enjoy every moment of life to the fullest. Carpe Diem!”

Faraz Ali, Producer, Speaking Pictures said, “Performance 100 digital film is very interestingly integrated to the product’s USP in response to the underlying human behavior of being stuck up and living with idiosyncrasies with a big dose of humour. It also gives viewers a chance to discover ‘Performance 100 shirts’ from Blackberrys and what it stands for.”


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