Creative Monkey announces the launch of ‘Ludo Emperor’

Creative Monkey Launches Ludo Emperor

Creative Monkey announces the launch of the world’s quickest ludo game ‘Ludo Emperor’ which is designed to entertain all age groups.  ‘Ludo Emperor’ is a revolutionary Ludo game with exciting rules and the most engaging gameplay.

The game has got close to one million pre-registrations so far and is exclusively available on Google Play Store. Being quick to play, vibrant, full of life recreation, the flagship Ludo Emperor game is completely fresh, fun, and engaging with exciting and fun elements. The game will attract those who are bored with playing just a digital version of a regular board game.

Overwhelmed with the launch, Mr Deepak Aravind, the Founder and CEO of Creative Monkey states, “We’re thrilled to launch the revolutionary Ludo Emperor game that will be the ground-breaker in the mobile gaming industry. Since the day we conceived this game idea, a lot of iterations happened, and it is our best innovation till date. People had always welcomed new ideas and made them a huge success, so I believe people will make Ludo Emperor a blockbuster hit! We can be proud that our Ludo Emperor will be a World Class Ludo game made in India”.

Ludo is already a proven 1Billion plus market. So we are certain that all Ludo fans and players who love online multiplayer, strategy & board games will fall in love with Ludo Emperor”, he added.

With a beautiful environment and lively animations, Creative Monkey has converted the Ludo Board into a Ludo World that gives a pleasant gaming experience. There are 3 different Worlds in the game currently- the forest, atlantis and drago nursery. More worlds will be introduced in the forthcoming updates. There are our most popular modes Pass & Play, Play Online, Play with Compute and Play with Friends. This can also be played with your Facebook friends and anyone can be added which will help you to add them instantly while you play.

Here is the pre-registration link.

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