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Music delivery app SocialMob is bringing music enthusiasts

MediaInfoline October 1, 2018

SocialMob aims to connect individuals at a global level who share similar interests such as music, entertainment, food, and travel. SocialMob currently represents over 500 independent artists from around the world accounting for more than 5,000 hours of music.

SocialMob is a combination of various genres of music and an array of interesting articles. With the “AI engine,” the app will present recommendations for users based on their psychology and preference in various genres. The brand is backed with US-based music production house Digitrax in AI who holds 7 US patents. The collaboration is set to be a unique product from India to the world for the music industry.

Inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s words and armed with the knowledge that music is powerful enough to foster connections and carry them forward, it is a one of a kind global community where music is the religion.


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