“My Bobble Keyboard 2020” launch announced by Bobble AI

Bobble AI launches new campaign

‘My Bobble Keyboard 2020’, the New Year campaign is announced to be launched by the world’s first Conversation Media Platform,  Bobble AI. The platform offers highly engaging smartphone keyboard solutions, personalized content for users. Through an interesting analysis of conversations-led trends, the campaign aims to give a quick glimpse of the year 2020– to all individual users of Bobble Keyboard.

The data-backed personalized insights include:

  •  The cutest or the favourite Bobblehead of 2020
  • Favourite or Most used Emojis, stickers and GIFs in 2020
  • Time spent on texting throughout 2020
  • Fun analysis of mood swings in 2020

With this, individuals can easily share personalised cards with their friends and to flaunt and compare their scores with each other, they can even share cards across their own social media pages. To find out users’ favourite Emojis, GIFs, Stickers, and much more, Bobble AI uses sophisticated new-age technologies such as AI and machine learning to describe their mood swings throughout the year.

A 46.28% hike has been observed this year, according to the data report by Bobble AI in the month of April this year on various applications for example Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. This hike denotes the time spent by people on texting each other this year in comparison to previous years.

Talking about the insight and the creative vision behind this campaign, Ankit Prasad, Founder, and CEO, Bobble AI said, “The user engagement trends that we witnessed on our platform are a clear reflection of the overall sentiment of millennials and GenZies – the pervasive, instantaneous, and tech-savvy, India’s younger, digital-first audience. It was a year when their conversations were filled with expressing gratitude, compassion, and being thankful for the small things that made all of them happy.      This in essence was the spirit of the year and the campaign aims to celebrate these struggles and victories, joys and miseries that 2020 brought into our lives.”

He further added, “The latest ‘My Bobble Keyboard Stats’ feature won’t be limited for a short campaign period rather we have decided to make it permanent in our keyboards letting users view and compare their conversation stats against friends in a gamified manner. At Bobble AI, we are additionally releasing a host of new and exciting features in the upcoming year such as a typing meter which will reflect the number of words typed in the day, typing speed, and accuracy to name a few. “


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