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Ripple DME Makes History with #ENDOCON 2016 First Time In India

MediaInfoline August 5, 2016

Ripple DME, is a digital marketing company, which has a squad of young talent and aim at holistic ideas to make the brand discoverable, handled the whole digital marketing of ENDOCON 2016, by creating the Hashtag#ENDOCON 2016.The Hashtag #ENDOCON 2016, in itself created the history by reaching around 1.4 million people for a Medical Conference in India. The combined engagement of Hashtag#ENDOCON 2016 was around 3000+ and followers 30k respectively.

Mr. Vikalp Kumar Srivastava, MD, Ripple DME said, “It was an honour for Ripple DME as the marketing partner of ENDOCON 2016 with participants across India coming to Mumbai. Through this conference we had to deliver a mandate of engagement to all participants and more “How managed to engage the tweeter followers by Live-Tweeting”.

“The Hashtag #ENDOCON 2016 has created massive buzz about the medical conference. It is our opinion for all heath conference organizers and attendees, that they should share the learning and extend conference proceedings beyond the event to the world outside”.

The pre-event buzz creation has also been generated by Ripple DME through spreading Tweet Bombs and using other social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so the buzz is created around the Hashtag.The best part of Hashtag #ENDOCON 2016 was that the Tweeter followers who were not present at the conference were also getting each and every update of the medical conference by using the Hashtag and this in turn expands the reach of the conference.

The other magnetism of the event was the Live Social Media wall created first time in India by Ripple DME, for such a big Medical Conference. Furthermore, live-tweeting is a means of amplifying the conference experience, generating international engagement and global reach and stimulating collaborative potential.


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