Tarun Katial announces his venture- EVE WORLD

Tarun Katial announces his venture- EVE WORLD

Tarun Katial, a senior media-tech professional, shares a glimpse of the soon-to-be-launched platform under his new venture EVE WORLD PLATFORMEVE is a women-only platform that proffers expression, creation, and community enablement. The platform seeks to build a positive and valuable digital experience for women worldwide. Resting on the pillars of empowerment and building sisterhood, young girls and women of all ages can create and consume content, share opinions and thoughts, engage and build connections in a responsible virtual environment.

The company has raised initial investment from Singapore-based Jungle Ventures.

Speaking about the idea, Tarun Katial, CEO & Founder, EVE WORLD shared, “The world around us has been traditionally built keeping in mind men as average users. My co-founders Aparna Acharekar and Rajneel Kumar shared this vision and purpose for a while and we decided to come together – to innovate keeping women at the center of our universe. EVE WORLD will enable, and empower women to achieve what they want in an environment that furthers their aspirations. We want to become a platform that gives women true freedom online, for them to create and consume content, have meaningful conversations, share opinions, thoughts, and build social connections that will help them grow and develop. For this, we are glad to have the support of Jungle Ventures – Amit Anand and Rishab Malik in bringing this vision alive.”

Aparna Acharekar has joined the platform as Co-Founder and will be responsible for building the content and community verticals. Rajneel Kumar, who has successfully built large gaming, streaming, and consumer-tech platforms in the past, will soon join as Co-Founder to lead the Product, Technology, and Growth verticals.

More details will emerge in the months to come.

Tarun Katial is widely considered one of the most successful executives in the Indian mediatech industry. He has a robust body of experience across media platforms. A Kellogg’s alumnus, the former CEO of ZEE5, enjoys combining technology and consumer insights to come up with better products for the media industry. He comes with over 2 decades of leadership experience in the Indian media industry, having successfully worked across genres and media including reality programming, soaps, and comedy on Television to retro programming on radio to spearheading the evolution of on-demand video content in India through a leading OTT platform. (Source: LinkedIn)


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