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Virat Kohli comes to Facebook and Instagram in Augmented Reality

MediaInfoline November 25, 2020

As the biggest cricketing nations, India and Australia, get set to enthrall cricket fans across the globe, Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli comes to Facebook and Instagram in augmented reality with an all-new AR effect. Titled “Bat Talks for India,” the AR filter will enable fans to re-create Kohli’s iconic celebration after recording a century against Australia nearly two years ago by superimposing this effect on their photos and videos and sharing it on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook has teamed up with Sportsmanias, an industry leader in creating sports emojis and augmented reality effects to develop the 3D AR effect. Cricket fans will be able to display their support for team India and Kohli by sharing this effect on their Stories on Facebook and Instagram and via Reels on Instagram.

Commenting on the launch, Virat Kohli said, “I am delighted to collaborate with Facebook to launch the new Bat Talks for India filter and enable my fans to relive one of the most memorable moments from my career, virtually. I look forward to cricket enthusiasts in India and across the world to experience this new way to connect and engage.”

The effect is available now, and people can access it in the following ways:

  • On Instagram, the effect is available in Virat Kohli’s profile within the effects tab. Fans can also access the effects within the Instagram Camera effect tray by opening their camera, tapping the effect icon, and swiping right until they find the desired effect.
  • Link to AR effect: here
  • Link to Virat’s Reel with AR effect: here
  • On Facebook, the effect is available on Virat Kohli’s post with the effect from his Facebook Page.  Link to AR effect: here

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