Whistle launches messaging marketing with pin code feature

Whistle launches India’s 1st pin-code feature to enable hyper local messaging marketing

Whistle launches messaging marketing with a unique and India’s first pin code feature. The AI powered pin code feature helps business owners to reach out to their potential customers and reduces advertiser’s cost by about 60%.

Through the pin code feature users can create their own data for their messaging marketing campaigns, set at the pin code levels and furthermore intensifies the targeted messaging service by removing the people who are not interested in the campaigns.

Satya Kiran, CEO of Whistle, said “With most businesses being severely impacted by the pandemic across the country, small size firms, entrepreneurs and shop keepers are particularly struggling to stay afloat. Our aim is to empower these enterprises digitally through MarTech; help them overcome such obstacles and grow their businesses by making marketing technology tools available at an affordable cost.”

Whistle was launched in November 2019 as a user friendly and technologically advanced self service global marketing platform. Here, users can have customized messaging campaigns on its smart portal that enables them to raise purchase interest among their customers through a large variety of promotions, such as discounts & Diwali bumper offers, deals, special opening hours during festivals & occasions, offering home delivery service, introducing new goods & products, etc. Users can also generate insights and supervise the campaign on the platform. The recently launched brand has supported more than 300 business users during this pandemic. The client base of whistle is 400 plus and includes more than 350 crores sent messages by its clients.

The brand was launched in two phases, under Phase 1 its launched messaging services via universal mobile marketing console which helps marketers execute targeted campaigns and optimize costs through learnings and analytics. And, under Phase 2 Whistle introduced its pin code based campaigns. The company is said to launch Phase 3 soon that has display advertising service with multiple new features.

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