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Zooppy, online fantasy platform for movies launched

Madhushree Chakrabarty December 7, 2020

India’s first online fantasy platform for movies, Zooppy, was launched and is live on Apple IOS devices across India. The platform provides audiences an opportunity to use their skills and knowledge in movies and win real cash over multiple formats. Zooppy is going to get engaged with millions of passive moviegoers in an active platform, where they can use their talent to play games and win prizes. Zooppy has been developed by Quarous Technologies, which is led by Kerala based tech enthusiasts, Jose Thomas, Yuva Pushpakar, Mefin Thomas, Deepak Uthaman, Athul P. Raj and Renjith Robert. 

The online gaming platform provides a sneak peek of the developments and the recent news from the film industry along with critical view of of new releases in theatres and other streaming platforms. The main focus of the business is to leverage the patented technology for offering online Movie based skill competitions. The online fantasy game can also be played on YouTube, where users are able to create a playlist of 8 videos and join many contests. To showcase players’ knowledge and interest in cinema through Quizzes, Puzzles, etc., a special zone for movie nerds has also been created.

Launching this movie based game, Yuva Pushpakar CEO  commented, “The increasing popularity of Marvel and star wars has led to the emergence of fantasy movie leagues in India. This is a new way of  film experience that combines elements of films, game and fantasy sport. It is also an entirely new way to connect with both your friends and favourite films.”  He further added that Moreover, during the pandemic, the mobile gaming industry has gained mainstream recognition and is also a way for people to keep in touch with their families, relatives and friends. With this increasing trend, we aim to provide unique experiences where we are providing customers to participate or interact with movie business proactively. 


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