5 Asian Travel Destinations You Can Celebrate This Christmas In

Don’t want to spend your Christmas Eve like every year? Want to be in a special place for witnessing known Santa-evening in a new grandeur? Then pack your bag and visit any of the following Asian travel destinations. Whether you will be traveling with your family or not, your Christmas holiday will be filled with an enticing experience, picturesque sights, and delicious culinary delights.

  1. Nagano, Japan

If you are yearning to spend quality time on a worthy Christmas getaway, don’t miss to include Nagano in your 25th December travel plans. It would be your winter heaven, filled with pallid snow, alluring winter sports hobbyists with galore skiing and snowboarding opportunities. For making your days all the way contented you can visit the town brims with onsens – hot springs of Japan for relaxing after a day full of excitement and adventure. Being a fantastic place to stay, Nagano also contains interesting sights like Nishi-no-Mon, Zenkoji, and Nagano Prefectural Shinano Art Museum.

  1. Hong Kong

They call Hong Kong one of the best travel destinations during Christmas time, and they are justified in all sense. This fascinating Special Administrative Region is famous for the world-class culinary scene, shopping hubs, and charming Christmas decorations. During Christmas, Hong Kong keeps traveling hearts entertained with a series of alluring holiday festivities and events. It includes popular events like the prismatic firework show and HK Winterfest. And, for kids, Hong Kong Disneyland proffers a plethora of Christmas themed entertainment and amusement options.

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  1. Tokyo, Japan

During the season of giving, you will notice, Tokyo is more vibrant and brightly lit. During this time, every corner of it will be sparkling with fairy lights, and for observing its majestic grandeur, you must visit places like starlight Garden, situated in Midtown Tokyo, Roppongi, and Caretta Shiodome. For travelers visiting with their families, Disney Sea and Disneyland also put on a great show with special events, lighted up with thunderous fireworks.

  1. Harbin, China

A trip to Harbin and you will have the chance of witnessing the world’s greatest winter spectacles – The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. The Harbin Ice and snow Festival was established in 1985. Since then, it has become a tradition, being a center of attraction for visitors, traveling to China during Christmas.  The main highlight of this festival is exceptionally picturesque gigantic ice sculptures and light shows. Besides, the city is furnished with architectural jewels and landmarks that would be treated to your eyes. Some of the must-visit places are the Temple of Heavenly Bliss, Wen Miao Confucious Temple, Harbin Jewish New Synagogue, ZhongyaangDajie, and Old Quarter.

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  1. Singapore

If you have the chance of visiting the Lion City, your Christmas will be spent amidst an all-singing and all-dancing festive feast. When December comes into this place, the city streets start looking like magical shimmering candies, with gumdrops, licorice, and candy canes. During this time, the air of this regal city sings melodious Christmas Noels. The light-hearted festivities and amusement events keep the Christmas scene warm, along with EDM concerts, countdown parties, and art exhibits.

Wrapping Up

These are the top five Asian travel destinations that you can visit during Christmas. These places are there to offer every kind of amusements that travelers would want. Attractive places for dining out to scenic and historical spots to behold; you will get various spices for cooking a great winter vacation. So what’s more? Choose any destination you like from the list, and gather more information about it, book a flight, and enjoy this year’s Christmas Eve with your family and friends in a whole new manner.

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