Goibibo launches latest campaign #BreakBhiEssentialHai

Goibibo campaign BreakBhiEssentialHai

Goibibo, India’s leading online travel company released a video on its #BreakBhiEssentialHai campaign to capture the daily grind of never-ending household chores & unlimited office checklists and the constant fight between essential and non-essential. One of the most relatable videos on life post-the Corona pandemic, the campaign encourages people to break away from the monotony of being cooped up indoors for months now.

In a fun and quirky manner, the video brings alive the dullness and rut that we have now become a part of. And, to help people discover the type of break they are looking for – goibibo has also rolled out a fun quiz that will help people reason out if they are longing for a solo weekend getaway or a romantic break with their significant other. You may also want to take the quiz by clicking here – I took the quiz too, and trust me, it’s closer to what I am looking for my next break.

Watch the campaign here

Recently, Goibibo launched a new service for its trusted riders, e-Pass assistance service. This will allow the travellers to submit their e-pass application for inter-city cab travels. The company efforts to turn all the hassles into a convenient ride.

As the travel industry is gradually trying to make an upright turn, campaigns like this could somewhere attract more visitors. This should also mark an impression on visitors and therefore might add more tourists.

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