Internet Moguls is ready to accelerate its scope in Central Reservation Office


One of the Asia’s largest tourism and hospitality focused digital marketing agency, Internet Moguls announced that it will be setting up a new wing to its Central Reservation Office soon.

Internet Moguls has been running a Central Reservation Office (CRO) since 2009, supporting more than 100 clients across the globe. Now, in order to cater to the constantly growing need of industry players in this service, the company has decided to accelerate its scope further and include many new names on its client list.

So far, thevertical has efficiently handled all inbound calls and increasedthe call service level standards by 93%, evaluated up-selling opportunities from the existing database to boost revenue, decreased the AHT (Average Handling Time)and call abandonment. It offers 24x 7 supports for a fraction of price while elevatingcustomer satisfaction. It has also successfully tracked the traveling schedule of guests from OTA’s,whichhas led to greater conversion of queries into cumulative revenue.

According to the Chief Mogul and Founder of Internet Moguls, Mr. Avijit Arya, “voice is the new frontier for digital and hotels need to adapt this next offline assisted online growth that has at least 10 percent hidden revenues of leveraged with proper systems and integrated with social and voice channels .”

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