Macao Government Launches Special Training Module for Indian Travel Agents

Macao Government Launches Special Training Module for Indian Travel Agents

As the pandemic keeps businesses at bay, many small enterprises are closing down. The travel and tourism industry is particularly hit as the pandemic has halted traveling. With the lockdown imposed many tour operators and travel agents went out of business. Slowly and gradually they were coming back to life in the festive season but the second wave of the pandemic and the looming fear of another lockdown has dampened their spirits. Amidst this, the  Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) India has launched the Macao Specialist Program for travel agents to keep these people abreast about new destinations and tourism prospects through E-Learning sessions.

Become A Macao Specialist

COVID-19 pandemic has definitely brought the global economy on a standstill, with the travel and hospitality industry being hit the hardest. In such times, to continue staying connected with travel agents and keep them abreast about the developments in Macao, Macao Government Tourism Office decided to introduce  its first E-learning destination specialist program in India.

The primary agenda of this training program is to make tour guides and travel agents well equipped about upcoming destinations and make them expert in Macao’s offerings.

  • The special training program aims to educate and upskill the expertise of the travel trade agents & tour operators across the country about Macao’s offerings and points of appeal as an outbound destination.
  • Each varied module in the program is designed to ensure that the agents are well equipped with accurate information to promote Macao as an ideal destination for Indian travelers and will be able to provide them with interesting itineraries.

Upon fulfilling every module of the E-learning program, the travel agents will become designated and certified Macao specialist with thorough knowledge of what they have to offer for India  travellers.

The  E-Learning program is designed in a way that engages the learner in an easy, enjoyable, and educative way.

Any tour operator or travel agent can take up this special e-learning module and be a Macao Specialist by applying on the given forum 

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