South African Tourism announces a road trip, Summer Different

South Africa Tourism

The South African Tourism has launched a campaign where they are inspiring people to enjoy and spend the summer differently in their country. Under this campaign, the South African Tourism announces for a road trip Summer Different, which starts from November 23, 2020 and will run till February 15, 2020. The road trip covers all the nine provinces in the country and put spotlight on some of the most magnificent and hidden gems of each province.

“After an incredibly challenging and uncertain year, everything is different, so shouldn’t we all holiday differently, too? We need to refresh travel experiences for people in South Africa, explore the hidden gems, take the road less travelled and go off the beaten track. Nothing is what it used to be. We need to show them a better and different way to experience tourism in the long-term, but most importantly, show them how to do summer differently in the short-term,” says Sisa Ntshona, CEO of South African Tourism.

In addition to motivating and highlighting local travel in the summer, Ntshona notes that the South African Tourism also, more importantly, needs to support SMMEs who have been hot hard by the effects of the pandemic. This is the reason behind hosting SMME workshops in each of the province during the entire Summer Different road trip visits.

“We all know that the tourism sector was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, so we need to carve an inclusive way forward. It’s about expanding in all directions, connecting all corners, and drawing all tourism elements and products together in a cohesive, robust and sustainable way. One that leverages every endeavour and enterprise for a singular vision of growth. This includes all players within the sector; particularly the SMMEs, to ensure inclusive and sustainable growth, as well as transformation,” Ntshona adds.

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