Yatra.com Launches Three Exciting First-in Industry Features

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Yatra.com, one of India’s leading online travel portalshas announced three new features to provide comprehensive travel solutions for all its customers. The features- Hold for free, Last minute hotel deals and As you type we suggest search options have been introduced in an effort to ensure a seamless travel planning experience.

The new features are enabled on all of Yatra’s mobile and web platforms. Details for every feature are stated as below;

Hold For Free

  • Option to hold your international flight ticket for 72 hours at no cost valid till a limited time
  • Notification emailer if only a limited seats are left on the hold booking

As you type, we suggest

  • Allows you to enter free text & returns the right flight search results e.g. “Flights from Delhi to Bangalore for 10th Feb”.
  • Instant Completion suggest and Instant Autosuggest which takes into account spelling mistakes as well
  • Autosuggest provides results based on real time trends
  • Automatically identifies the city of origin
  • Automatically identifies nearest airports for Tier 3 cities that don’t have an airport
  • Complex queries like “ flights to Delhi onlast Sunday of the month” are also supported
  • Available only on flights currently

Last minute hotel deals

  • Special offers and last minute deals for accommodation options
  • Almost 50 percent off on same day hotel bookings
  • Available only on the app

Commenting on the developments, Sharat Dhall, President, Yatra.com says, “At Yatra, we have always been at the forefront of technology innovation in the online travel space. Features like ‘Hold for free’ and ‘As you type, we suggest’ are first in the Industry and are based on strong customer understanding and feedback. We believe that the three new features which are being introduced today will go a long way to improve the ease with which travellers book hotels and flights on our site, and are in line with our endeavour to create a ‘best in class’ user experience”.

Yatra.com has the largest inventory of hotels and other accommodations in India with over 40,000 stay options across 1100+ cities. With over nine years of presence in India, Yatra.com is a leading brand in the online travel category. Yatra.com today has stay options available for their customers across a wide price spectrum ranging from budget to luxury stays, covering the length and breadth of the country, from the metros to tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Yatra has always been dedicated to “Creating Happy Travellers” and looks at foreseeing trends amongst consumers to help provide products that are best suited for the market thus helping maintain their position as a leading online travel portal in the country.

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