Yatra.com offers discounts for cricket fans planning to travel for matches

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Yatra.com, India’s leading online travel company, is providing special discounts and offers for cricket fans traveling to watch their favorite matches. The company aims to make the journey cost-effective and memorable for fans by offering discounts on flights and hotels in the host cities.


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Exciting Offers from Yatra.com: A Win-Win for Cricket Fans

Cricket, known for its ability to bring out emotions and unite fans across the globe, is once again at the epicenter of excitement as India gears up to host this year’s matches. Yatra Online, Inc., through its subsidiary Yatra Online Limited, has taken note of this fervor and has come forward with a range of special discounts and offers to make the cricket experience even more memorable for fans.

The surge in booking queries and searches for hosting cities is a testament to the immense anticipation building up among cricket enthusiasts. Airfares have skyrocketed, and hotel rates have reached unprecedented heights. In such a scenario, the discounts and offers introduced by Yatra.com provide fans with a cost-effective and hassle-free journey.

One of the notable offerings is a flat INR 599 off on domestic flights, enabling fans to plan their cricket travel without the burden of skyrocketing fares. Additionally, a flat 18% discount on hotel bookings in the host cities further sweetens the deal. By utilizing the promocode YTWC23, fans can ensure their stay is affordable and convenient.

To add to its offerings, Yatra.com has Prime membership, which promises instant savings and substantial overall savings over the subscription period. This not only allows fans to save significantly during their travels but also grants access to ongoing bank offers. Yatra Prime’s benefits cater to both solo travelers and groups, allowing everyone to reap the rewards regardless of their travel preferences.

Moreover, the existing value-added features offered by Yatra.com, such as Book Now Pay Later and Cancellation Protection, exhibit their commitment to providing maximum flexibility to cricket fans. Recognizing the unpredictability surrounding last-minute changes and uncertainties, Yatra.com ensures that fans can plan their trips without any financial worries.

Sabina Chopra, COO of Corporate Travel & Head Industry Relations at Yatra.com, rightly emphasizes that cricket is not merely a sport but an emotion. Through their offers, Yatra.com enables fans from all walks of life to indulge in the electrifying atmosphere of live cricket matches without straining their wallets. By delivering exceptional value and instant savings, Yatra.com hopes to create lifelong memories for fans across the country.

As the excitement continues to build up in hosting cities like Lucknow, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Delhi, it is evident that the demand for tickets and accommodations will surge. Yatra.com is prepared to meet this demand and make the cricket journey accessible and enjoyable for all fans.

Yatra.com’s efforts to enhance the cricket experience and provide cost-effective options deserve applause. Their commitment to making live cricket matches accessible to all fans showcases their understanding of the sport’s significance and the passion it ignites. With their exceptional offers and value-added features, Yatra.com has undoubtedly created a win-win situation for both cricket fans and the company itself.


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Yatra.com introduces exciting offers for fans planning to travel for their favorite matches

You are a cricket fan. You want to watch your favourite player live. Cricket enthusiasm and fever is once again back in the country as India plays host this year! Cricket fans in anticipation are making travel plans to thoroughly enjoy the sport and watch their favorite player strike a six. Leveraging this fervour and excitement, Yatra Online, Inc. (NASDAQ: YTRA), through its Indian subsidiary Yatra Online Limited (“Yatra”), India’s leading corporate travel services provider and one of India’s leading online travel companies is excited to announce special discounts and offers for all cricket fans. These offerings are designed to enable fans to witness the most anticipated sporting event of the year. The cricket fever has truly taken hold, as the brand is witnessing the excitement in the increased booking queries and searches for the hosting cities. Airfares have witnessed a significant surge, reaching 2-3 times their usual rates, while hotel rates have skyrocketed 70-90% in some host cities. Yatra’s offerings make the journey cost-effective and memorable. Fans can avail a flat INR 599 off on domestic flights and flat 18% off on hotels in the host cities by using the promocode YTWC23.

Additionally, Cricket Fans can subscribe to our existing offerings i.e. Yatra Prime. There can be instant savings and total savings worth INR 15,999* (T&Cs apply) over the subscription period. For eg. With Prime membership, fans can save upwards of INR 3200* (T&Cs apply) and apply ongoing bank offers for a travel of 2. There are savings right away with Yatra Prime, whether one is travelling solo or in groups. Fans can also avail discounts on their hotel bookings. Other existing value-added features that can be availed of by the Cricket Fans include Book Now Pay Later and Cancellation Protection at no additional cost considering last-minute uncertainties and providing greater flexibility.

Speaking on the occasion, Sabina Chopra, COO, Corporate Travel & Head Industry Relations, Yatra said, “Cricket is not just a sport; it is an emotion. We are excited to bring the cricket euphoria to life for fans across the country. With our special hotel and flights fares, and our existing offerings like Yatra Prime membership, Zero Cancellation and Book Now, Pay Later, we are committed to making live cricket matches accessible to all fans without putting a strain to their wallets. By providing instant savings on bookings and delivering exceptional value, we want fans to revel in the electrifying atmosphere and cherish lifelong memories. As we approach the event dates, we anticipate a significant surge in demand, particularly in cities like Lucknow, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Delhi, where the excitement is building up.”

To take advantage of Yatra’s exceptional offers and embark on a cricket journey like no other, visit our website www.yatra.com.


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