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CNN Style introduces beauty section making it a mainstream platform

MediaInfoline March 9, 2020

CNN Style launched a brand new beauty section, making it the first global mainstream platform to offer intelligent, inclusive and value-driven editorial on personal image and beauty.

The new section is a modern take on aesthetics and visual identity around the world, and marks the beginning of a new and necessary conversation about the power, politics and culture around the way we look. It will appear alongside CNN Style’s existing sections: Arts, Design, Fashion, Architecture and Luxury.

“For millennia, we have used markings and adornments to communicate something about who we are and where we belong in the world,” said Fiona Sinclair Scott, Global Editor of CNN Style. “In a time when conversations around diversity and inclusivity have never been so prevalent, maintaining the power to control how we tell our story matters. CNN Style is launching this new section as a global platform that will explore how beauty has been defined in the past, shine a light on those who are currently reshaping the conversation, and follow the evolution of beauty into the future.” You can read her full editor’s letter here.

CNN Style will be rolling out a series of distinctive features and think pieces that will be featured in the beauty section over the course of the month. Chinese American photographer Andrew Kung writes on the de-sexualization of Asian American men; activist and artist Alok V. Menon contributes a powerful story about their own experience of beauty as a visibly gender-nonconforming person; and Catherine Opie, one of America’s foremost photographers — whose challenging work often focuses on visual identity and subculture — discusses what she’s learned about beauty through her career.

Explore CNN Style’s beauty section in full.


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