ELLE celebrates fall with a new collection of watches

ELLE new collection of watches

ELLE will debut its latest collection of watches, blending classic jewellery-inspired sophisticated design with an undefinable touch of French joie de vivre. Made for modern women that desire to be fashionably classic, the ELLE range of watches bridges the gap between contemporary and timeless.

ELLE has long been recognised worldwide as a leader in fashion, beauty lifestyle and women’s empowerment. Since 1945, ELLE’s unwavering mission is to navigate women through life and to make a better world. ELLE’s new range of watches is an inspiring and stylish range of products that are accessible to all.

Through its decades of in-depth expertise in women’s magazines and lifestyle, ELLE has created a range of watches that reflect what women want: they blend effortless elegance, playful refinement and bold combinations – adding a ‘French touch’ to every silhouette and conveying the effortless charm of a Parisian lifestyle.

This collection ranges from INR 5,495 – INR 9,995/-

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