Enrich Salon urges customers to recycle through a unique video

Enrich Salon urges customers to recycle through a unique video

Enrich Salon has launched a special video that showcases music created by using recycled items like old jeans, plastic bottles, etc. in to support the ongoing greenrich campaign. The intention of the video is to urge and educate its customers on the need for recycling which is the need of the hour for the good of the environment. Every recycled item is has a particular tune related to it such as the noise of crushing a bottle gives out the same tune as that of a tambourine, a plastic bottle release a tune similar to a flute, the sound of brushing old jeans provides a unique tune, and many more.

The aim of the campaign is to save the environment and promote sustainability while you look good.

One can redeem reward points for products and services by participating in the Greenrich Sustainable Quiz (*T&C apply). On bringing old old jeans, plastic bottles, bedsheets, and sarees to get reward points. On spending a minimum amount of ₹3000 (on services, products, or a mix of both), there is to chance to get into the virtuous cycle and win up to ten times (which can be up to 30000 points) of your minimum spend. You can also claim your membership too. People can also post their pictures and details of their effort put to reduce, recycle, and reuse by adding #GreenrichRewards and tagging @enrichsalons and win 50 reward points.

Enrich Salons are a 23 years old beauty brand and the largest chain of hair & beauty salons in India. Enrich started in the year 1997 from a single salon and now has evolved into a unisex salon chain operating across 6 cities in the country including Ahmedabad, Baroda, Mumbai, Surat, Bangalore, and Pune. It stays by its motto ‘Love Begins With Us’. The company also has a home salon service that serves women in the comfort of their homes in these cities.

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