Give your hands the care they deserve with all new NIVEA Hand Creams

Give your hands the care they deserve with the all new NIVEA Hand Creams

NIVEA announced the launch of an exceptional new product – NIVEA Hand Cream. With Deep Restoration formula, this product is specially designed for hands. It provides long lasting moisture without making your hands greasy.

Our hands work hard and keep busy at all times. They carry out most of our daily chores from typing to driving to cooking and cleaning, we use our hands for almost everything. And yet, in our daily skin care routine, we tend to neglect the part of our body that we use the most. Our hands are also the most exposed part of our body & are subjected to environmental stressors every day – especially with the onset of winter that makes the skin dry & rough.

NIVEA launched its first hand cream in India with an interesting digital campaign on the Indian festive season. Our hands go through a lot in festival celebrations, hence they need best possible specialized care. With Deep Restoration formula & delicate natural fragrances, the new hand cream absorbs immediately & gives you soft and smooth beautiful hands. The NIVEA Hand Cream range comes with three variants –Refreshing Glycerin & Aloe Vera for dry skin, Soothing Glycerin & Olive for very dry skin & Indulging Glycerin & Beeswax which is suitable for all skin types, thus offering 24 Hour protective care and hydration for busy hands. All three variants are available at MRP 90 (75 ml).

Speaking on the new campaign, Sachin Killawala, Director Marketing, NIVEA India said, “Our hands are how we interact with the world around us. They are exposed to more sun, weather, rough surfaces and other harsh cleansing products than any other part of our body. We also express ourselves the most with our hands and yet we tend to neglect them. As we enjoy the time of festivities with an abundance of planning and bonding with family and friends, the hands are the most exposed yet, not cared for part of the body. With this, NIVEA as a complete skincare brand is enabling consumers to take care of most important part of our body during the most important festivals of our lives.”

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