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Great Big Story explores the taste of home with grandmothers

MediaInfoline April 13, 2020

A grandmother plays a very vital role in every family. She will never fail to greet you with a big hug and treat you with when you are home. Her cooking brings the family together and is the ultimate expression of love. Whether it is a traditional recipe or a new experiment, our grandmothers pour their heart and soul in creating dishes that will stay with the family for years to come. Each recipe is a cherishing memory, which make family gatherings stronger and merrier.

Great Big Story takes you on a taste of home escapade by meeting five extraordinary grandmothers who were nominated by their grandchildren to share recipes that have existed in the family for years together.

From Grandma Biruta from Lithuania making her signature Capelinai to Grandma Ana Maria from Peru creating her ultimate spaghetti red sauce, Great Big Story takes you to countries like Japan, Lithuania, Peru, Portugal and Iowa meeting Grandmothers that take time out to teach their grandchildren that one dish that radiates the love put in the process of cooking.

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Learning to Cook From Grandmas Around the World

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