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Nerolac: This Diwali gift yourself a ‘comfy corner’

MediaInfoline October 27, 2016

From kitchen cabinets to bookshelves, closets to long forgotten lofts, every corner of the home comes alive when touched with the magic wand of Diwali.

Among this hustle – bustle we all have a favourite place that we feel particularly drawn to like a swing in your balconyor a chair besides the window in your bedroom.

This Diwali,Kansai Nerolac recommends that you redecorate your favourite corner with some quick andcost effective ideas.

Add sparkle to your space: Add glamour to your cosy corner; experiment with a Glitter finish paint to brighten up the space. For instance add stripes of glitter finish on the wall in contrasting colours such as timeless gold and white.

Don’t restrict yourself to painting just thewall; add hints of Nerolac Glitter finish paint on metallic and wooden furniture and accessories like picture frames and bookshelves too. For instance, consider pairing Sunset Gold highlights on wooden frames and bookshelves if your wall is deep red or terracotta in colour.

Let Lighting take the lead: Most of us use a wide range of lighting products from spotlights to rice lights around the house. For instance, fairy lights create a dreamy feel while warm and muted yellow lighting helps in unwinding and doubles up as both decorative and functional.

Select lighting to match your favourite activity in your comfy corner whether it is reading which requires bright adjustable lighting or simply sipping on a warm mug of chocolate milk for which just rice lights are fine.

Bring a memory to life:

Here’s a tip especially for newlyweds… If you painstakingly chose Ivory and Red or Coral and Teal as your wedding theme then you will probably love this colour combination for ever.

Nerolac recommends gathering knick knacks and memorabilia from the wedding together, framing it and putting it up against a ‘Worn White’ or ‘French Vanilla’ wall to surround yourself with memories of your big day.

Additionally, with the Kansai Nerolac Colour Picker App you may upload pictures of your wedding and pick home paint colours from these images to create your very own palette. The Colour Picker App helps you translate colours you love into a palette for your home.


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