Nykaa’s laucnhed its brand film #TumHiHoNykaa

Each women in #TumHiHoNykaa charts a journey with challenges

The closing lines of Nykaa’s latest brand film, Kahaani koi bhi ho, tum hi ho nayaka. are a reverberation and is a reminder for every woman to embrace herself and celebrate it. Since its inception, Nykaa has found ways to pay homage to the resilient spirit of women taking charge of their own story and has been a vocal champion and cheerleader. Now, the brand applauds the indomitable endurance and quiet resolve with a new film #TumHiHoNykaa featuring six uplifting stories set to a powerful poetic narration, that has been innate to women through time.

Each woman in #TumHiHoNykaa charts a journey fraught with challenges to arrive at her destination, as the nayaka of her own unique story. The film gives us a glimpse into the lives of a bike stuntwoman, a STEM entrepreneur, a mountaineer mom, a transgender doctor, a mid-life Chessmaster and a hijabi rapper to unveil the electric power of their grit. Each traverses through their own different paths that converge into a common thread of determination that binds these women together.

With each frame, the film affirms that when it comes to your story, there can be only one nayaka– YOU, while inspiring you to listen to your own voice. Subtle yet significant reminders of the transformative power of beauty beyond physical manifestation, woven throughout this powerful narration are the very essence of brand Nykaa to become power and reclamation.

Speaking about the film, Shalini Raghavan, Group CMO at Nykaa says, “The story of every woman who imagines and discovers her life’s own narrative, needs to be told and celebrated. How a woman chooses to express herself is about heart and intuition and at Nykaa we will always be her champion. Through this  film, we reiterate this commitment  to ignite her flight to be the nayaka of her own story.

Directed by Shashanka Chaturvedi of Good Morning Films #TumHiHoNykaa has been conceptualized by Abhijit Avasthi and team Sideways. The film’s cinematographer is the celebrated Tetsuo Nagata, in the haunting voice of Ila Arun. #TumHiHoNykaa will run across TV channels and digital platforms and can be viewed here.

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