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Outfit Ideas to blend Fashionably in college

MediaInfoline October 30, 2019

There are many wardrobe essentials to have as an Indian college girl. However, are they fashionable and trendy enough to look the part? Most of the Indian college girls are interested in western looks. Although as they borrow various styles globally and fancy what their celebrity idols have on. All they aim for is to have a new fashion as they walk through the college doors. This can put unnecessary pressure on some students. While others find opportunities to do a wardrobe makeover. Here are some fashionable ideas that can help an Indian college girl blend more into the fashion world.

Ripped jeans with a good fit 

The ripped jeans craze is a trend that is not only in the Indian college fashion scene. As other college students around the world have embraced the comeback of ripped jeans as well. Either it is your first time in college or you are already there. Get at least three pairs in different colors for they are easily paired with any top. This is a must-have wardrobe add on even to the less fashionable girl. To those who find ripped jeans too much for their personality. A pair of blue jeans is a great alternative. It is as comfortable, hugs on your body right as long as it is a perfect fit to help you move around with ease.

The long skirt 

Either it is a traditional skirt or a modern skirt. This is a fashionable piece while in college, especially during the summer days. It is decent, comfortable and affordable. If you are looking for one there are varieties in online stores along the crop top Lehenga with dupatta price and the miniskirts for the weekend party. However, minis are not a good college look for they are too distractive and question your personality a lot. Therefore, get your feminine side out and keep off the jeans to rock in your long skirt with a piece of statement jewelry.


How many Kurtis do you have as part of your wardrobe essentials? This fashionable piece is the most comfortable, diverse and deserves a place in a college girl’s wardrobe. These days it trends more paired with jeans, cigarette pants or leggings to other traditional bottoms. The short length kurtis look good in jeans while the long kurtis are beautiful with leggings. However, ensure that the Kurti you choose is of breathable and soft material for all-day comfort. You can make the Kurti your signature attire and have a collection of them to pair with different leggings daily to college.

Tops and tees 

This is a popular and easy pick for college girls. However, it is mostly those who are already past their first year and the craze of dressing up as a new bee has faded off. The reason this is in the fashionable picks is due to the simplicity and comfort that they provide. Having a lot of these saves you time while dressing. However, as you are in college get the fabulous ones that fit you right to look stylish as you study. Do not shy from crop tops too. As you dress to others that have frills, cuts and many other sleeve designs. Crop tops are unique and are paired perfectly with ripped jeans, palazzos or long skirts for a unique look every time.


Is there any college girl that does not have a single pair of leggings? Although we cannot lack one or two. This is a common fashionable piece seen with college girls and in a myriad of colors. Leggings are best paired with Kurtis and other indo-western dress tops that you have. They are a total save for college girls especially when you are looking for something quick to wear. Choose like a dozen pieces that you can match in monochromatic or in contrast in the popular colors. To enjoy the comfort this ensemble will give you while in college. Go for the right fabrics like cotton that are favorable in different weather.

The necessary pieces 

These are the fashionable pieces that add to your smartness and make your college days easy to go by. First, the scarf or stoles are pieces that help upgrade your look in a chilly morning or add some color to a dull outfit. Also, a suitable tote bag that is in fashion is a must-have necessity as a college girl. Not only will it carry your books, phone, and other amenities but it is classy and spacious worth investing in. A pair of sneakers is a great add on to help you move around with ease and no other shoe beats the comfort of the sneakers. Lastly, a pair or two of good glares to protect you from the harsh sun will bring out your fashionista element as well every time you are outdoors.

The nerdy fashion look 

It is a great idea to choose to have a nerdy look at least a few days within your semester. To achieve this look just choose t-shirts and sneakers carefully that are simple and plain. Hold your hair in a bun and mind your own business. However, if you are a real nerd you can go the fashion way too with pairing Dhoti pants with long ethnic tops, jackets or with kurtas in subtle colors.

Given the above ideas, that help you to dress up and look fashionable while in college. Many other outfits will help you explore the fashion world. As you keep at par with your studies ensure that you are well informed on the latest fashion wears for college girls. Remember that many memories are made in college and your college trends are some that you will remember in the future. Dress up to have that cool demeanor and make an impression through your college outfits. Play around with colors, styles, and designs for it is an interesting time to risk fashion. Plus, enjoy every fashion detail that you can in clothes, shoes, and accessories.


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