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Plus size fashion company, aLL launches #SizeHappy Campaign

Madhushree Chakrabarty February 19, 2021

Plus-size fashion brand, aLL along with their creative agency created a new brand campaign #SizeHappy that goes well with every body type. Under this campaign, aLL recognizes all body types are happy ones and everyone will be #SizeHappy. 

The ad film features belly dancer Anjana Bapat, art director Sumit Gaddi, and plus-size fashion influencer Jacqualine Kiara Ledlie. All of these three plus-size celebrities show their take on plus-size bodies with sass, fierce energy, and lots of happy vibes. The brand wants to convey to the viewers a message that every individual should embrace their body size and celebrate it with pomp and show. 

There have been conversations on accepting every size and body positivity but there haven’t really been any actions taken for the same. aLL, the plus-size store has always strived to normalize all body types as it believes that very fr from weighing scales, they are happy souls.

Pawan Sarda, Group CMO (Marketing, Digital & e-commerce), Future Group says, “As a brand, we believe that size is nothing but a state of mind; we believe that everybody is special. Size happy says whether you are a size 0 or something else, you are happy. We intend on starting a conversation, bursting body myths, and just celebrate every single body with #SizeHappy.”

The film is a positive musical affirmation with energetic visuals. Suvajyoti Ghosh, Chief Creative Officer, and MD, Brandmovers India say, “The #SizeHappy campaign focuses on so much more than self-love; a person is never defined by a number or a tag. #SizeHappy is fun and full of spunk but, at the same time, it leaves you with an important message of positivity and acceptance.”

Arijita Das, Creative Director, Brandmovers India says, “This film is a great mix of fabulous and sass but it also makes you want to think about how we look at bodies at large.” 

Watch the sassy ad film from aLL, the plus-size store here.


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