R for Rabbit Launches its First Digital Ad Campaign #WhyMomWhy

R for Rabbit Launches its First Digital Ad Campaign #WhyMomWhy

R for Rabbit, a baby care brand, launched its first digital ad campaign called #WhyMomWhy’ on their recently launched Feather Range product. Unveiled on various digital channels, the campaign aims to showcase every new parent’s concern about giving their babies the best quality products. In addition, the ad campaign showcases the USP and benefits of the recently introduced ‘ Feather Diaper’ – The Next Generation Breathable Diaper, Feather Water Baby Wipes and Hygobin (Diaper Pail).

The company launched four ad series depicting babies’ struggles, from wearing a tight and wet diaper to the concern parents feel in providing their babies hygiene, safe and comfortable products. In the series of ad films, babies themselves address their daily concerns with their mothers. The film shows the mother’s concern and her joy as she now has R for Rabbit feather range to the rescue & she highlights the key USPs of each product of R for Rabbit and how they make an apt product solution to help keep their babies skin safe, pure and healthy.

The R for Rabbit Feather Diaper ad highlights the concerns babies face due to ordinary diapers and how the new ‘Feather Range’, India’s thinnest and the lightest Diaper, ease their concern. From not being tight, the product comfortably fits the baby. In the digital ad film, babies themselves ask their mother why she is still choosing a diaper that is tight, heavy and not comfortable for the baby.

The R for Rabbit Feather Baby Wipes ad film showcases how each mother is a perfectionist and only wants the best for her child. Thus, she chooses Feather Water Wipes, which keep the skin clean.

Through the Hygobin ad films, the mother shows us how the colossal task of changing and disposing of diapers is made easy by the innovative features of R for Rabbit’s diaper bin. In addition, the #WhyMomWhy film shows how the Hygobin makes a viable choice for mothers since it offers a one-touch innovative lid leak-proof replaceable trash bag with carbon technology. These ingenious features make disposing of diapers hygienic, quick and convenient, leaving the mother stress free.

Mr. Kunal Popat, Founder, R for Rabbit said,“We are elated to promote and position our first baby care product as India’s thinnest and lightest range of diapers through our digital ad campaign. With the launch of our latest ad film campaign, we aim to address the real concerns babies face with diapers. Furthermore, we support our

claim made in our Diaper comparison film since we’ve conducted tests to showcase our product USPs and the benefits of using Feather diapers. As a brand, our creative ad concept has babies themselves addressing their concerns to their mothers, which is not seen before. As a growing Indian baby care brand, we are proud of our diverse range of baby care products. Each range is developed and crafted to resolve the key concerns parents and their babies face.”

The #WhyMomWhy video concludes with a message about how the new variety of diapers benefits baby skin leading to rash-free skin. The video highlights the mother’s love.

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