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Tigerize successfully launches its first Indian sportswear collection

Shreoshree Chakrabarty April 13, 2021

‘Tigerize’, an empowering yet quirky activewear brand, recently announced its foray into the Indian sportswear arena and now it launches its first collection ‘Tigerize fighter’ or ‘Tigerize enforcer’. Vaibhav Bandal and Sejal Ahire, with a zeal for fitness and a passion for styling and designing, have unveiled a line to suit every body type and complement every form of workout.

To keep up the immunity and vigour is a constant need, especially in today’s situation and hence working out and exercising has become a routine and this comes with a fashion quotient attached to it.

Along with looking stylish and chic, working out is all about feeling comfortable in your skin. And hence, the collection ‘Tigerize enforcer’ launched by the brand TIGERIZE is appropriate for every season. With the versatility of taking the shape of the body without stretching any patterns or designs, the fabrics are 100% polyester mesh, Pin mesh, Adana mesh, Adimesh. To ensure there is detailing from designs to fabric and from breathable to Lightweight, each style has been carefully curated.

The Indian body types have inspired the sketches. The material for each piece has also been selected thoughtfully.

Sejal Has personally looked into every piece from design to fabric and from cuts and silhouette to sizing making sure it lives up to premium standards and Vaibhav will be looking at the business aspects of the brand.

Speaking about the overall launch, Vaibhav Bandal, Chief Executive, TIGERIZE shares, “Today when the world is fighting the pandemic and moving towards fitness to keep themselves healthy and boost their immunity to fight this disease even the Prime Minister is taking an active part to promote fit India. We wanted to focus on making every workout more comfortable by providing the most comfortable workout gear possible. On the other hand, when the world is looking at India as a manufacturing hub, we also want to play a role in the development of the Indian economy so we decided to manufacture in india itself which would also generate employment at this crucial time. Running a lineage of businesses is my very first venture which is started from scratch. With my past experience and knowledge along with Sejal’s inputs and comprehending the audience’s perspective completely, TIGERIZE is sure to be able to create a space for itself in every closet in due course of time”

Speaking about the overall launch Sejal Ahire, Creative Director, TIGERIZE shares, “I am personally very fond of exercising and I have always been inclined towards fashion and styling from a very young age. This is literally been my dream which is coming to reality and TIGERIZE would want to create a space for itself in every individual’s mind when they hit the gym or even go out for a walk. It shall be a blend of comfort, style, and luxury”

The brand is planning to hit the retail stores in a short span for the touch and feel and it is currently available online.


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