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Unburden your face with new Fit tech range of eyeglasses from Lenskart

MediaInfoline January 9, 2018
Share wants to make your vision impeccable by providing high quality eyewear to millions of Indians. The eyewear market in India has witnessed many designs as well innovations to make sure you feel stylish and comfortable.

To cater the demands of its consumers, launches Fittech collection– lightweight range of eyeglasses crafted by combining three collections – Vincent Chase Air, John Jacobs Slim and John Jacobs Titanium.

The all new Fittech range retains the comfort and prescription accuracy of the lenses and eliminates the bulky and cumbersome feeling. These lightweight units place less stress on your temples, the bridge of your nose, and the various pressure points on your face. Additionally, they are less prone to slipping as the lightweight design keeps your glasses in place more easily than heavier glasses.


These spectacles weigh less and more comfortable to wear. It may sound surprising, but our nose is so sensitive that we notice every last gram resting on top of it! The ideal solution would be a pair of frames from John Jacobs slim.


Engineered for superior performance, the VC AIR Eyeglasses create a perfect unity of purist designs and ultra-light frames. These airy frames leave your nose feeling weight-free while still offering the lens and coating options you need.


There is a reason why Titanium glasses are all the rage when it comes to stylish and durable eyewear. Titanium prescription eyeglasses are light, stiff, and strong. Titanium glasses are also hypo-allergenic and are good for those who suffer from skin allergies. Titanium glasses are preferred over metal and plastic in eyeglasses because these frames can be bended and twisted but they still come back to their original form. The quality of these frames is durable and reliable for rough use as well.


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