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W for Wonder Woman – Celebrating real life sheroes next-door

MediaInfoline April 29, 2020

Celebrating real women and their endeavors to make the world around them a better place, amid a global pandemic, W, unveiled a social media campaign ‘W for Wonder Woman – Celebrating Sheroes.

The intent is to recognize and celebrate women next-door or around us, who make no claims to change the whole world, and yet meaningfully impact the lives of those around them with sheer empathy and dedication. The campaign recognizes women who are ceaselessly focused on making their immediate surrounding more compassionate and livable. The idea is to acknowledge these otherwise anonymous heroes, who have demonstrated the grit to go beyond their personal and professional responsibilities to serve humanity.

Identifying a few women among many, W, on its Instagram & Facebook handle narrated the stories and efforts of Dr. Sushila Kataria, Sameeksha Thakur, Anupama Jadwani, and Sakshi Kumar who have gone out of their ways and have put their best foot forward by treating the Covid—19 patients and feeding 200+ people every day.

Talking about the brand’s endeavor, Anant Daga, Managing Director TCNS Clothing Co. Ltd. said, “We all celebrate achievers and people who have made it big in life. But very often, we tend to overlook the people around us who are compassionate towards humanity and do their bit despite the challenges and responsibilities life throws at them. We noticed there are women who do not claim to make a big difference in the society, but simply chose to impact at least one life positively, whenever and wherever they can. Exhibiting such mettle amid a global pandemic, these Sheroes and their contributions are praiseworthy. We at W are amazed by their grit and through this campaign we salute these ladies, for inspiring and making us believe that the world would become a better place if each one of us demonstrated the same enthusiasm.”

W is taking a stand in the midst of these extraordinary times faced by the world, and wants to honor these women who have turned out to be champions during this period. Their commitment and zeal to give back to society at large in these tough times motivates and empowers many. The brand through W for Wonder Woman is also encouraging people to tag and share stories of such amazing Sheroes in their lives.


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