XYXX shines the spotlight on the real “supporters” this World Underwear Day

XYXX shines the spotlight on real supporters this World Underwear Day

This World Underwear Day, XYXX, India’s premium loungewear and underwear brand for men, launches its all-new campaign with comedian Raunaq Rajani. Produced by The Yellow Umbrella Films, this satirical film by XYXX sets the context this World Underwear Day and facetiously challenges the machismo that is typically linked to innerwear marketing and advertising.

Produced by Yellow Umbrella Films, directed by Raihan Muhimutle and written by Chinmay Mhatre, the film kicks off in a studio with a director narrating a suspicious script to the protagonist of the advertisement, both played by Raunaq, in the most hilarious double role portrayal. The director highlights the comically robust features of the underwear through bizarre scenes that mirror the pseudo-machismo that is usually depicted in innerwear advertising. Juxtaposed with this, the actor makes an emotional appeal, essentially sharing the underwear’s viewpoint and plight. Appreciating it as the one true and constant support in a man’s life, the protagonist goes on to deliver his monologue with myriad pop culture references that hit all the right notes. He sarcastically brings out the elements with an akin representation of the underwear by highlighting its softness like Gen-Z feelings, stretchability like a film-maker’s direction, clean like his browser history and stylish like plates of a restaurant, thus bringing back the true character of an underwear. In its true spirit, the campaign highlights the features of the underwear and concludes with XYXX saying it as it is by paying homage this World Underwear Day to the most constant supporter of your life.

Through fabric innovation, a differentiated product portfolio and a seamless customer journey, XYXX stands tall as a men’s lifestyle label to watch out for. With a Made In India and Made for India approach, XYXX’s range of products employ fabrics that are suited to the Indian climate and wash conditions, designed for the Indian body type and employs an elevated basic approach to loungewear and athleisure. From odour cancellation and moisture wicking to quick drying and body temperature control, XYXX ensures all products are suited for the local climate, breathable, made for movement and easy to care for. The brand’s commitment to sustainability from day zero has resulted in every fabric being plant-based and every garment engineered to provide superlative comfort with minimal environmental impact.

Speaking about his association with XYXX, Raunaq Rajani comments, “An underwear is the most under-rated essential that gets no credit for how it can make or break your day. As a category, I don’t think a lot of men spend enough time making a purchase decision even though it’s the most intimate relationship we have. I thought this video was a great way to put out the message from an underwear’s POV as to what the underwear can actually offer – to be soft, stretchable and supportive. The team at XYXX has been phenomenal in the way they gave me creative freedom and the result is a hilarious film for everyone to enjoy. Partnering with the brand on this film for the World Underwear Day has been one of my most favorite associations in recent times.

Petal Gangurde, Chief of Culture & Brand, XYXX, “This is the biggest underwear ad expose of our times and a laughter riot for those wondering what goes behind the scenes while making an underwear ad! We thought it was time we shared our lighthearted point of view on ‘how NOT to make an underwear ad’. On a serious note though, branded content can quickly become super boring or preachy the minute there is a holier-than-thou attitude or a forced-product-sell spiel. We wanted to make sure the underwear gets the spotlight it deserves. Raunaq Rajani has a refreshingly different voice and he brought that to the narrative. The fact that he loved the idea from the get go and the way he kept improvising on set was amazing and truly elevated the sketch”

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