Harjas Sethi is still amazed by the response her WFH rant video received

Harjas Sethi is still amazed by the response her WFH rant video received

The Work From Home has become a necessity after we got to experience the perks of working from home due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic. The same has been felt by Harjas Sethi, the woman who became an internet sensation after sharing her rant video on Work From Home. We talked to Harjas Sethi about how she is feeling after becoming an internet sensation and she said that she is still amazed.

Harjas is a simple girl living in Gurugram who has been making fun videos on her Instagram handle @vellijanani. She even admitted that the videos were never intended to get them viral and were just made to entertain her followers including only the people she knew and her family members. On asking about what made her make the video and did she thought of something like this, she responded, “Just honest feeling about going back to work, it was a candid response to my feelings. Of course not, one doesn’t imagine such things (the video going viral) to happen.”

Though at the end of the video she says sorry to her colleagues and seniors not to fire her for making the video as there are not many jobs in the market. We also asked her about how her peers are reacting to this, to which she said, “They are super happy and excited and congratulating me.”


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In the viral video posted on Instagram, she has been ranting about opening up the offices after almost a year of working at home. She even confesses how her dark circles have started to disappear due to not meeting people face to face and happy being in her own world. Also, she can be seen yelling at the people who have been saying that they are waiting for the offices to be opened and accuses them of attending the office calls sitting at their potty seats.

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