Melorra redefines gold jewellery in latest campaign with Shraddha Kapoor

Melorra's new campaign with Shraddha Kapoor

Redefining gold as bold, Melorra, the lightweight fine jewellery brand designing affordable jewellery for everyday wear, talks about a contemporary woman and her choice to feel comfortable in her skin with gold jewellery that can be worn every day and paired with anything. The brand’s latest campaign with actor Shraddha Kapoor has crossed 8 million views on YouTube in just a few days and has received tremendous positive traction from customers.

Shraddha Kapoor is showcased in two avatars in the film- one a traditional version of her who laments about how gold can come out only on special occasions and the other a contemporary woman dazzling in trendy lightweight gold jewellery pieces all day, every day. Through this advertisement, the brand establishes the gold in a new form and focuses on the willingness for accepting gold in an absolutely new form.

Melorra wants to dispel the idea around gold jewellery is heavy and suited only for traditional celebrations, through this campaign. Gold can be worn every day and this is what Melorra states- ‘why wait when there’s Melorra’.

Speaking about this, Saroja Yeramilli, Founder and CEO, Melorra, said, “Gold can be fun, bold, different, and can be worn every day. This is what we want to put out there with our recent campaign. Pieces by Melorra are innovative, easy to wear, modular, and size free. Despite so many modalities, the jewellery does not burn a hole in the pocket but rather starts from INR 2500! We want every woman to enjoy and revel in her gold and not just bring it out because there is an occasion. We want them to be as comfortable with gold as they are with their own personality.”

Being the market leader in the lightweight gold jewellery segment, Melorra has been instrumental in bringing about a shift in perception around gold jewellery since its inception. With 75 new designs inspired by global fashion trends, this is because Melorra launches a new collection every week. The brand’s 80% of its products are below INR 50,000 and it also offers more than 10k designs.

User experience has been taken over by Melorra to a new high with its experience centres, out of which, four have already been launched in Bengaluru and Delhi/NCR. Ensuring that the consumers are comfortable wearing gold every day, Mrelorra aims at providing a channel-agnostic experience to them. They are a seamless extension of the brand’s online space. Every diamond and gold jewelleries are SGL & IGI certified and BIS hallmarked respectively.

In terms of order value and numbers, Melorra has seen a strong month-on-month accelerated growth, despite the pandemic. Making its mark everywhere including cities with a population above 1 million to villages with a population of less than 10,000, the brand has already delivered to over 1900 towns in the country. And, including Tier 2 and 3 cities, Melorra is also planning to launch more physical experience centres pan India.

Watch the Shraddha Kapoor starrer film here.

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