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JSW Paints announces the launch of ‘Sachche Rang’ campaign

Madhushree Chakrabarty April 23, 2021

JSW Group’s India’s environment-friendly Paints company, JSW Paints has announced the launch of Sachche Rang, its marketing campaign featuring its brand ambassador Ayushmann Khurrana. The campaign envisions to devise a disruptive statement on the issue of lack of price transparency prevalent in the Indian paints market. In line with the brand’s promise ‘Any Colour One Price‘, the campaign is a 360-degree integrated completely new canvas. The campaign will air across regional TV channels during IPL 2021.

The new JSW Paints TVC campaign is an anthology of three video advertisements recreating popular home painting scenarios. Ayushmann Khurrana as the main lead interrupts the painting exercise to create awareness about the lack of pricing transparency while buying paints which makes home painting a costly affair. The three painting circumstances offer Ayushmann a perfect opportunity to showcase the disruptive nature of JSW Paint’s Any Colour One Price proposition.  The blind spot that forces unassuming consumers to pay a high price for colours they choose for their home makeover becomes the common thread binding all the three ads together. The primary charm of the campaign is in the manner in which it challenges the prevalent unfair norm in the industry in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

Commenting on the new campaign Mr. A S Sundaresan, Joint MD & CEO of JSW Paints said, Our new Sachche Rang campaign turns the spotlight on the unfair industry convention where consumers are forced to pay more for different colours in a product. The ‘Any Colour One Price’ proposition that offers 1808 colours at the same price, be it whites, pastels, mid tones or deep accents, is an industry-first offering disrupting the entire paints market. This unique proposition will restore the consumer’s freedom of choice in colour.  Ayushmann interestingly brings consumers to the moment of truth – the “Any Colour One Price” brand promise of JSW Paints. We are sure this will bring the problem of unequal and opaque pricing of colours into mainstream conversation.”

Commenting on the relevance and disruptive potential of a campaign like this in the landscape of conventional paint advertising, CEO of TBWA\India, Govind Pandey said, “As one of the youngest player in the category, JSW Paints is looking with fresh eyes and is questioning the fairness of some fundamental conventions in the industry.”

Adding a note on the unique creative strategy for the campaign, Managing Partner – Creative, Parixit Bhattacharya said, “It is a consumer blind spot. People just don’t know they pay more for each shade. This campaign will be an eye opener and is genuine consumer awareness communication from JSW Paints. Very thoughtful!”

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