Dentsu Impact’s new campaign ‘Ghar Aaya Tyohar’ celebrates year-long festival called ‘Maruti Suzuki’

Dentsu Impact’s new campaign ‘Ghar Aaya Tyohar’ with ‘Maruti Suzuki’

If there is one word which describes India the best, it’s diversity. Diversity in cultures, entertainment, food and more. This diversity is probably reflected the strongest in the country’s festivals.Each festival is unique and gives people a special reason to come together in celebration. And the unique thing about buying a car is that it invokes the same kind of festive spirit by encouraging everyone to look forward to new beginnings, happiness, and joyous journeys.

That’s exactly what Maruti Suzuki wants to highlight with its new festival season specific campaign – Ghar Aaya Tyohar. All while bringing together the entire range of cars offered by MSIL’s new and transformed channel, Maruti Suzuki Arena.

The campaign showcases a range of vibrant, colourful festive celebrations from across India, with their one-of-a kind nuances and the excitement they form in people’s minds.

Commenting on the campaign, Shashank Srivastava, Executive Director – Marketing and Sales, Maruti Suzuki India said, “Festivals are a high point in life of people. India is diverse, people are diverse and so are the festivals and the occasions to celebrate. Every festival is celebrated in its own beautiful way. However, a few things always remain common like celebration, happiness and bringing home a Maruti Suzuki. With our new Ghar Aaya Tyohar commercial, we intend to strengthen the same thought and provide people the same happiness and pride of owning a Maruti Suzuki car, which we have delivered for decades.”

Speaking about the campaign, Anupama Ramaswamy, National Creative Director, Dentsu Impact said, “India is a nation described by diversity, just like its festivals. But one festival that binds everyone together is the joy of buying a new car. After all, it gives different people different reasons to celebrate. For a young person it’s a celebration of the coming of age, for a woman it’s a celebration of freedom, for a family it is a celebration of togetherness. We believe Maruti Suzuki is that one name which can do complete justice to the feeling of Ghar Aaya Tyohar, because as a brand it has touched many lives.’’

Amit Wadhwa, President, Dentsu Impact said, “Ghar Aaya Tyohar is an idea that works possibly only for Maruti Suzuki. In a country that has numerous festivals and each festival celebrated with such fervor, no other car brand can own this idea as well. This to me is giving festival a beautiful new dimension which both us as well as our client partners are equally excited about.”

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