JK Super Cement launches #HumSeHaiSuraksha campaign

JK Super Cement launches #HumSeHaiSuraksha campaign

Through Courage, Determination, and Responsibility, JK Super Cement has been a pioneer in bringing a change in the way we perceive something as mundane as building structures. Rising to the occasion yet again, JK Super Cement, amidst the raging deadly second wave of COVID-19, has begun their social movement for plasma donation #HumSeHaiSuraksha, building upon these values.

JK Super Cement’s latest plasma donation initiative #HumSeHaiSuraksha voices the plea of those in dire need of the life-saving treatment- Plasma Therapy, acknowledging the need of the hour and taking forward the core values of JK Super Cement – Corporate responsibility towards the nation, courage, determination, and building a strong, safe nation. JK Cement’s employees who succumbed to COVID-19 recently, are also paid tribute through the video message.

Unfolding the facts, importance as well as the urgency of donating plasma, the video proceeds as a dialogue between a COVID-19 positive patient, a doctor, and a plasma donor, addressing the general public with the hashtag #HumSeHaiSuraksha creating a sense of responsibility in COVID-19 survivors to come forward and give others a chance at life.

This video message is the brainchild of Mr. Raghavpat Singhania, Managing Director, JK Cement Ltd. and puts out a strong appeal to all those who have recovered from COVID-19 to participate in the process of extending help to those who are still battling the virus.

During the pandemic, team JK Cement has been continuously working towards bettering the society, under the leadership of Mr. Raghavpat Singhania, MD, and Mr. Madhavkrishna Singhania, DMD & CEO. Some of the most essential medical requirements including BiPAP machines, oxygen concentrators, sanitisers, masks, ventilators were donated by the organisation along with delivering masks to Delhi police which was much appreciated among the community. To help contractors and masons cope with the crisis, JK Cement also participates in the holistic development of the communities and has launched many reward programs. While conducting COVID -related workshops with medical professionals conducted for the benefit of all stakeholders, JK Cement has kept the safety of all employees at the helm.

Through initiatives such as launching significant infrastructural projects (including RO water supply, road development, sewage plant and biogas plant) for the development of areas around JK Cement’s plants, JK Cement has been actively contributing towards sustainability and good practices.

Mr. Pushp Raj Singh, President Marketing, Grey Cement Business- “As our motto and mission, JK Super Cement has always believed in build safe and we have ardently and resolutely worked towards this. Whether it was to ensure our employees are provided a safe area of work or encouraging and invoking the general public on the relevance following strict protocols or extending tribute to frontline warriors through our previous #YehPuccaHai campaigns, JK Super Cement endeavors to keep building safe, for our stakeholders, people in general and the country. In the unfortunate incidences of some of our treasured employees succumbed to COVID-19 recently, we felt the need of the hour is to educate and push people to come forward and donate plasma that can be life-saving. We urge everyone who has recovered to be live-saving heroes.”

Keeping the content in line with JK Cement’s core values and the vision foreseen by Mr. Raghavpat Singhania and Mr. Madhavkrishna Singhania, the campaign has been designed, managed, and executed by the digital agency on record, Social Cloud Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

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