Kalyan Jewellers launches #DosesOfTrust, focuses on safety across showrooms

#DosesOfTrust shows the brand's readiness to welcome customers back

Kalyan Jewellers has launched the #DosesOfTrust campaign across its showrooms in India and the Middle East emphasizing the company’s focus on providing a safe and sterile retail experience to customers.

The campaign video showcases Kalyan Jewellers’ readiness to welcome customers back to its showrooms. The video highlighted the heightened COVID-19 safety and precautionary measures followed by the jewelry brand. But in spite of all of these, it is still instilling confidence and assuring them with a best-in-class experience. Going one step beyond, the brand has announced the deployment of ‘Safety Measure Officer’ across all showrooms to ensure that safety and hygiene protocols are practiced and the staff, as well as customers, strictly adhere to COVID-19 guidelines issued by the company.

Talking about the #DosesOfTrust campaign, Mr. Ramesh Kalyanaraman, Executive Director, Kalyan Jewellers said, “The safety and health of our patrons and the community at large are of utmost importance to us and we aim to provide a safe, hygienic, and personalized shopping environment. As a brand, Kalyan Jewellers has always moved with the times, addressing changing concerns and needs of consumers. In yet another pioneering step, we have instituted a ‘Safety Measure Officer’ in every showroom to make certain that COVID-19 safety protocol guidelines are strictly followed.”

Kalyan Jewellers has updated the ‘We Care’ company guidelines with the highest level of safety measures across showrooms, in order to safeguard the health and safety of both customers and staff alike. These measures include the mandatory use of hand sanitizers at both entry and exit points. It provides masks and gloves to all staff members as well as customers’ temperature checks via hand-held scanners at entry points and regular deep cleaning and sanitization across showrooms multiple times throughout the day. within the showroom. The brand is further ensuring quick and widespread vaccination of employees to reduce the risk associated with transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Check out the #DosesOfTrust campaign video here.

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