Netmeds unveils its new TVC with MS Dhoni continues to maximize its relationship with the icon who is, arguably, India’s most beloved celebrity, athlete and role model, MS Dhoni.

It’s first TVC release, The Gamechanger, set in the board room as the “selection committee” sets out to find the next great player, garnered millions of views as well as new customers, and its newest iteration promises to be just as entertaining.

This time, Netmeds has moved from the board room to the locker room, with a surprise twist. Putting the company’s brand ambassador Dhoni in the locker room, and reprising his real-life role as a team leader, gives him an opportunity to exhort his teammates to “be fast, to be strong, because the country is depending on you,” words similar to those that he has spoken many times to his teammates. But when the camera pans out, the big “reveal” shows that the “team” is comprised not of Indian cricketers, but of the Netmeds’ young and eager delivery team – a smart way of tying Dhoni’s leadership skills to the dedication and work ethic of the Netmeds team.

Dhoni’s incomparable stature and talent throw focus on the Netmed’s ability to consistently deliver over and above expectations. The TVC follows up on the previous message that established the brand as the “Gamechanger” in the online pharma space and emphasizes the importance and the USP of fast and dependable delivery.

Watch the TVC: here

MS Dhoni said of his role in the new TVC, “It was a fun and easy to work in a setting where I’m so comfortable. I do believe Netmeds is a game-changer and I’m glad to support any effort that will make the country healthier.”

Pradeep Dadha, Founder & CEO, said, “We’ve become the online pharmacy market leader by realizing the need for intelligent, far-reaching and quick healthcare solutions in urban and rural areas, and fulfilling that need. A nation battling an annual rise in chronic diseases and faced with a shortage of doctors and limited access to medicine in 3rd and 4th tier cities and towns, needed a Gamechanger. That’s how we see our role and the public is telling us they agree.”

Arun Pandey, Chairman of Rhiti Sports, the company that manages M S Dhoni’s commercial interests exclusively said. “We are happy with the way the latest TVC has come out and are glad that we have partnered Netmeds in an effort to make healthcare more accessible in India. Last mile delivery is one of the most crucial aspects of a Digital Service ecosystem and we are glad that Netmeds has taken it as a high priority to increase the accessibility of medicines especially in the semi-urban and rural areas.”

Anand Pathak, Director, Sales & Marketing, said, “Netmeds and Snowball Productions have worked well on many campaigns including our last TVC. The new TVC capitalises the country’s love for cricket, while showcasing the company’s key strength of a superior delivery network and dedicated team, which has been one of the core reasons behind the company’s growth and success.”  

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