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RIN & Lokmat Present JalSamruddh Maharashtra- an initiative towards water conservation

MediaInfoline July 5, 2017

Maharashtra is battling a water crisis – successive years of low rainfall have resulted in falling groundwater levels and drying up of natural streams. Deficient rainfall has adversely affected crop output, financially crippling the farmers in the state and causing water scarcity in rural households.

Rin, a leading detergent brand in MH, along with Lokmat, Maharashtra and Goa’s Number 1 newspaper announced an initiative to drive water conservation in Maharashtra with the launch of ‘Jalsamrudh Maharashtra’, a campaign to spread awareness for water conservation, across Maharashtra.

The initiative is an attempt to educate consumers about the importance of water conservation. This will be done via driving awareness amongst people the importance of saving water and recognition of people who are contributing significantly towards the cause.

Commenting on this campaign Mr. Karun Gera, President, Lokmat Media Pvt Ltd. said, “As a media house rooted in the society, we are pleased to launch another positive water movement called Jalsamrudh Maharashtra after the success of Jalmitra last year. This year this initiative is aimed at driving awareness on water conservation and recognising people who have contributed towards this cause – thus creating inspiring stories for our readers. In addition, joining hands with Rin who with their revolutionary technology have created a water saving solution that is integrated in its detergent bar, it was completely synergic for us to partner with them. This collaboration, we hope, will be a catalyst in bringing about positive change in the lives of the people of Maharashtra”

Rin, HUL’s laundry brand, was launched in India as a bar in 1969. Over the years, the brand has grown to become synonymous with providing ‘dazzling bright clothes in one stroke.’ Rin believes that everyone is talented and it is lack of opportunity that limits their progress. Rin has extended this belief to action in the field of education through the ‘Rin Career Ready Academy’ that trains consumers in ‘soft-skills’ via Mobile & Web applications. While creating opportunity for youth, Rin also believes in breaking barriers that come in the way of their progress, and a major impediment is the scarcity of water, which Rin is now addressing in two ways.

One by driving consumer habit change by generating awareness about the Rin bar product which gives dazzling bright clothes while halving the usage of water in rinsing, due its new revolutionary Smart Foam technology. And the other by creating physical infrastructure that help in rainwater harvesting & enable water storage to help the drought stricken villages. The work towards building the physical infrastructure has begun with the construction of two check dams in Khamgaon and more in the pipeline. “Maharashtra, the largest state for Rin, with an acute water shortage is the ideal place to start this journey. Reaching more than half of the population and with iconic equity, Rin is in the best position to drive a habit change amongst consumers by halving the water usage in their laundry with its product. However, the larger goal is to drive awareness of efficient water usage. Partnering with the largest publication of Maharashtra to join us in this journey will help us bring about this habit change & spread awareness” said Mr. Vipul Mathur, Category Head Core Laundry, HUL.

Talking about this innovative product, Ms. Meena Rajan, Head of R&D, South Asia said “In line with the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan ambition, Unilever R&D aims to develop technologies that deliver not only superior but also sustainable products in the market.  Rin is one such example, which in addition to giving great clean and brightness to clothes, now contains the novel smart foam technology.  This technology, developed by a dedicated team of scientists and engineers, helps consumers do their laundry with significantly less water.  This will help alleviate, to some extent, the problems being faced currently due to severe water shortage in many parts of the country.”

“Rin Lokmat Jalsamrudh” created awareness to save water by conducting community connect programs in Nagpur, Akola and Aurangabad amongst over 800 women including housewives. This was an event conducted under Rin Lokmat Jal Samrudh Maharashtra with Lokmat Women’s Forum “Sakhi Manch” where education and awareness on importance of saving water was done. Apart from workshops for women, water- management using local and modern technology, various methods of rainwater harvesting, efficient usage of water, recharging groundwater and adoption of water efficient practices  for efficient conservation will be the key focus to achieve the objective of making Maharashtra  water abundant through this reader connect program.

This initiative also involved identifying great work done by people in Maharashtra in this area and giving them special recognition. Finally this will culminate in a RIN & Lokmat Water Summit where industry and key opinion makers will discuss issues and solutions of future on July 11th2017 in Mumbai. Key people will be awarded, Summit will also have presence of Mr. Rajendra Singh – Waterman of India and several other key corporate and Government officials.


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    In this regard I want to work with you.


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