Sennheiser Launches its First Ever TVC in India

Sennheiser rehashed its marketing strategy and launched its first ever television campaign #DareToDisconnect especially for the Indian market. Urging the consumers to disconnect from the mundane and monotonous lives by losing themselves to music, the new campaign is aimed to bolster the wireless headphones category by 30% in the Indian market. Targeted towards the new age hyper social consumers this 360-degree campaign planned and executed by Motivator would reach out to consumer via TV, digital and social media advertisements and influencer engagement. The TVC has been Planned and Conceptualized by Motivator along with Flux Studios and has been directed by Alok Kulkarni and Shai Samtaney. Completely different from all the other campaigns the brand has run in the past, #DareToDisconnect is intended to create a ripple effect movement among the Indian consumers who are stuck in their monotonous lives.
Commenting on the launch of their first ever campaign, Mr. Kapil Gulati, Director Consumer Segment, Sennheiser India, said, “With over a 70-year history that has been built on the culture of innovation and a vision to shape the future of the audio industry, we at Sennheiser have always strived to give our consumers the best of audio. Taking that one step further, we are extremely excited to launch our new campaign #DareToDisconnect. We believe in understanding the needs of our consumers in the market, as every market is dynamic and requires a unique approach. The Indian consumer has always been a smart and aware one; if they do not receive value in what they invest their time and resources in, there is no coming back from there. Over the past 12 years, we have invested tremendously in the Indian market and now that it has become an evolved headphones space, we thought it is the best time to take a step further and deep dive into building meaningful connections. With the launch of our new campaign that focuses on our wireless range, we really look forward to reaching out to the millennials and hope they receive value from it.”
Mr. Saahil Kumar, Head- Marketing, Sennheiser India, said, “With every industry becoming increasingly cluttered, the audience today is seeking more than just products and services. There are thousands of brands, all trying to catch the attention of the consumer with offerings that are very similar to one and another. In that backdrop, it’s become more important than ever to not just deliver value through your products, but also create a connect with your audience. Hence, with our newest campaign, we have attempted to understand the needs and issues being faced by our consumers today and aim to kickstart a movement-#DareToDisconnect henceforth.”

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Concept #DareToDisconnect:
The consumer is living in a world that’s changing around him so fast, sometimes he can’t keep up. An intense rat race is on, where every minute should count towards a step towards the finish line. What if just for a moment, he was able to lose himself, to feel free. And isn’t that what we do? Isn’t that what music really is about? Totally submitting to the sound and losing yourself momentarily. What can be a better way to de-stress than losing yourself to music? Since time immemorial, music has always been believed to be the best way to unwind, detach yourself from the worldly stress for a while and come back rejuvenated.

In this backdrop, Sennheiser wanted to urge individuals to disconnect from their mundane life by losing themselves to music every now and then, unwind and connect to their inner self for physical and mental wellness. To make this a reality, Sennheiser is launching its first ever campaign – #DareToDisconnect.

The campaign is primarily focussing on the Wireless range of Sennheiser products, because with the wireless range, one is truly free, just like one wishes to free themselves from the monotonous, hectic schedule. So, it’s no strings attached, quite literally!

The theme will be led by a 60 second film which showcases the protagonist surprised to see the same mundane office turn into a lively and vibrant one when he puts on his Sennheiser wireless headphones to listen to his favourite track. The music track being used for this project is a popular yet not over exposed popular contemporary song by Ritviz. The cut down version of the film 30sec/20 sec would be used across channels like Television, Digital and Social

Apart from this we are asking individuals and offices to participate in a contest to showcase how do they #DareToDisconnect in their daily life and workplace. The best entries will be awarded. i.e Trip to Iceland, Sennheiser Headphones or Sennheiser sponsored party for the winning office.

Speaking on this occasion Nitin Jain, General Manager, Motivator said, “We are part of a very fast paced and rapidly changing lifestyle. Thanks to the smart devices around us, staying connected has become the need of the hour. However, one needs to disconnect for a while from the mundane life reconnect with oneself and what better than Music to do this. We saw this as a perfect insight to launch Sennheiser’s first-ever campaign – #DareToDisconnect. We have integrated with Flux@TheGlitch & Foxymoron to design & deploy the campaign.”


• Creative: Dheeraj Kummar, Varun Humnabadkar
• Business: Vishal Kumar, Aakriti Sharma, Karishma Malpani
• Planning: Saransh Agarwal, Samira Khan, Deepa Ramanathan, Saurabh Kulkarni, Prithvi Buddhavarapu, Ashish Awatramani
• Client: Saahil Kumar, Shilpa Saini, Piyush Singh
• Media Agency: Motivator
• Production House: Flux Studios
• Director: Alok Kulkarni and Shai Samtaney

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