Communication Casa Bags Lark Finserv’s PR Mandate


Lark Finserv, a distinctive digital lending platform, designed to revolutionize the lending industry in India, proudly announces its partnership with Communication Casa, an innovative Public Relations and communication agency, to further enhance its strategic communications and strengthen its brand presence in the market.

Since its inception in 2023, Lark Finserv has rapidly emerged as a pioneer in the financial services industry, persistently gratifying its clients with integrity, transparency and a commitment to financial well-being. With a pervasive portfolio of successful brand collaborations such as Yes Bank, Fin sire, NPCI, CAMS, Digi Locker, CERSAI, Sahamati, One Money, KFintech, and many more, the company has earned a reputation for its unique vision and strategic approach, and a commitment to exceptional services for all its clients.

Communication Casa, spearheaded by the seasoned PR and communication specialist, Manauti Walecha, who has a remarkable 17+ years of experience managing over 150 clients, brings a wealth of expertise to complement Lark Finserv’s unique vision and strengths. With a highly skilled team of public relations and content professionals, Communication Casa has earned acclaim for its approach and track record of establishing impactful brand images and maintaining a strong, positive public image.

“With Communication Casa, we wish to elevate our brand through effective communication channels. The agency has demonstrated performance history of delivering potent branding and communication strategies for their diverse clientele. We hope to receive compelling strategies for our brand as well”, said Rohit Pateria, Co-founder, Lark Finserv.

At the heart of their dexterity lies the mastery of crafting captivating narratives, adept crisis communication management, and fostering authentic connections between companies and their intended clientele. Aligned with Lark Finserv’s mission, Communication Casa is set to provide the Fintech Start-up with the catalyst it needs to make its enduring mark on the industry.

“With our experience and expertise in crafting varied communication strategies in different domains, like FinTech, AgriTech, Healthcare and many more, we believe our branding and communication approach will be effective for Lark Finserv and align with the Company’s goal ‘to build India’s largest and most meaningful Financial Service Company’”,said Manauti Walecha, Founder, Communication Casa.

Communication Casa’s commitment to offering high value and setting a standard of unparallel quality is showcased through its spectrum of fundamental services that span across sectors, including agriculture, FMCG, education, beauty, advertising & marketing, healthcare, travel and hospitality, insurance, real estate, NGOs, and start-ups. Leveraging its strategic approach and bespoke services, Communication Casa is poised to impel Lark Finserv towards procuring its vision to “empower individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals through accessible and responsible lending solutions and being the lead provider of innovative and customer-centric lending services, driven by integrity, transparency, and a commitment to financial well-being.”

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