A tale of two brothers and one startup: FilterCopy’s mini-series with GeeksforGeeks

A tale of two brothers and one startup: FilterCopy’s mini-series with GeeksforGeeks

Pocket Aces’ FilterCopy releases a new mini-series, ‘Bro-Founders’ in partnership with GeeksforGeeks. The channel has been engaging with over 50 million Indians every week, by constantly combining data with creativity, and creating snackable, shareable, easy to consume short-form content that is driven by emotion and a sense of identity and community. Backed by audience insights from over the years, FilterCopy is all set to deliver a mini-series that promises to be a chaotic and emotional journey of two brothers that is sure to remind you of your own siblings.

The three-episodic mini-series revolves around Sachin and Arjun, played by leading digital actor Ritvik Sahore (Lakhon Mein Ek, Flames, Dangal) and National Award-winning actor Shantanu Rangnekar respectively, who are met with a series of misfortunate events. The two brothers, who never see eye-to-eye, put their differences aside to face the bitter uncertainty that life brings their way and come together to work on a start-up together. The series poses an interesting question to the protagonists and the audience – can one really ever plan life enough?

While they run against time to make their dreams a reality, the brothers, who couldn’t even sustain one simple conversation, learn how to fill in each other’s gaps and build something together as a team. The presenting partner, GeekforGeeks, a made-in-India ed-tech platform, finds a seamless yet integral fit in their journey, by providing the much-needed coding help to the ‘bro-founders’ as they build their start-up.

Commenting on the mini-series, one of the new formats the channel launched this year, Shreya Agarwal, Head of FilterCopy, said, “On our mission to solve boredom, we have already built the playbook for short videos and micro-content in India, and our data-driven creativity allows us to always stay on top of what our audience truly wants. Having identified the storytelling gap between short-form content and full-length web series, we’ve introduced a new mini-series format with ~15-minute episodes. Stemming from multiple tested themes, ‘Bro-Founders’ is the story of two ambitious siblings who need to learn how to get along to get what they want. We’re positive that the audience will resonate with our characters and the series will create tangible ROI for our brand partner, GeeksforGeeks!”

Thrilled about the partnership, Sandeep Jain, Founder & CEO GeeksforGeeks, said, “The series ‘Bro-Founders’ connects directly to our target audience who are willing to go the extra mile to upskill themselves and achieve their goals; being our primary motive behind the association with FilterCopy. Today, the youth is proactive when it comes to developing new ideas and using their skills to the best of their abilities. We are ecstatic to be collaborating with FilterCopy for this series and we hope that we are able to add value to the lives of the budding engineers, coding enthusiasts, and anyone involved in the tech circuit.”

Watch the first episode here: Bro-Founders, Episode 1
Link to the trailer: Bro-Founders Official Trailer

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