mediasmart and TCL forge a global strategic partnership for enhancing CTV Advertising

mediasmart, an Affle company, today announced a strategic partnership with TCL, the world’s largest Android TV manufacturer, to integrate their inventory with advertisers on Connected TV (CTV). By seamlessly integrating TCL’s expansive inventory with mediasmart’s cutting-edge programmatic advertising solutions, the partnership aims to unlock a multitude of advertising opportunities for brands, while democratizing the rapidly growing CTV space beyond the Walled Gardens.
The global partnership marks significant progress for CTV advertising, providing brands worldwide with extensive access to valuable advertising opportunities, including the coveted Home Screen placements and the vast array of Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels. This includes high visibility solutions for product launch, drive views for specific content on any video and OTT platform, drive traffic for CTV app installs, and live event promotions. By offering solutions on TCL’s Home Screen, advertisers will benefit from leveraging premium placements to reach specific audiences. mediasmart and TCL will also co-create solutions on Home Screen allowing brands to advertise based on their brand objectives. One of the key product offerings as part of this would be their “TV+ offering” that specifically helps advertisers to target consumers moving from Linear television.
Commenting on this partnership, TCL’s Global Business Development Manager, Matt Ding, said, “The way audiences experience television content has drastically changed. And it has been our aim to offer more to the viewers. Together with mediasmart, we aim to drive synergies that go beyond the conventional, exploring new avenues and possibilities in the CTV space. mediasmart has made CTV advertising more measurable and impact-driven through their technological prowess. Combining our strategic and technological forces, we hope to bring  unparalleled opportunities for more brands to connect with their audiences in meaningful ways.”
Advertisers on TCL and mediasmart would be able to enhance the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and drive better engagement. They will also be empowered to expand their targeting by choosing specific audiences on TCL’s 135+ FAST channels across 14 key genres like News, Lifestyle, Food, and Entertainment, to enable greater affinity-based targeting and improve advertising experience. Additionally, they can also integrate with mediasmart’s proprietary CTV Household Sync technology that helps maximize engagement and interactivity of CTV with synced re-engagement ads on mobile devices in the same household.
Nikhil Kumar, Chief Growth Officer, mediasmart said, “As the world increasingly turns to CTV for entertainment, information, and connectivity, the potential for businesses to engage with their audiences in meaningful ways has never been greater. mediasmart is a leading omnichannel programmatic platform, with measurable CTV advertising being a core focus for us. With our partnership with a leading manufacturer like TCL, we want to leverage our expertise to co-create innovative and large-impact solutions to elevate the CTV advertising landscape. We’re committed to expanding the horizons of what advertisers can do on CTV, and this partnership is a step in the direction to bring more advertisers to experience CTV’s potential.”

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