National Stock Exchange teams up with Be.Artsy for the 2021 edition of the World Investor Week India


The World Investor Week (WIW) is upon us and India’s top financial institutions are ready to observe the event with a renewed zeal to promote investor awareness and protection. The World Investor Week (WIW), which is organised every year by The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), will be celebrated in India during November 22-28 in 2021.

The event is seen as a major step towards championing for greater communication, interaction, transparency and empowerment of investors, especially individual and retail investors. Topics like financial freedom and financial awareness have been steadily gaining traction among India’s youth, aided by media and social media influencers.

The country’s young generation is realising that investment and not just savings are key to wealth creation in the long term. This has resulted in sharing of financial advice becoming a lifestyle fad. However, credible, authoritative financial advice that comes in a form useful for people from non-financial backgrounds is rare to come by. The World Investor Week has pioneered a strong platform for such people to find financial advice that can realistically help them manage and grow their wealth successfully.

This year, the World Investor Week will focus on prevention of frauds, identifying scams and more to protect young investors from mis-steps in their investment journey. It has, for years, attracted participation from India’s leading financial institutions like the NSE, BSE, and more, who in turn partner with large- and medium-sized corporates to conduct financial literacy programmes for their employees. The NSE has been partnering with awareness experts Be.Artsy for several years to help them use creativity to demystify investment and finance fundamentals. Be.Artsy packages these jargon-led interactions in the form of easy-to-understand street theatre, which attracts more people and helps them to retain this knowledge in an easier way. The agency designs, creates, and delivers training programmes on financial management for the employees of top corporate houses, youth, women on sabbatical, senior citizens, police personnel and more. It uses vernacular languages to drive home the point.

Be.artsy Founder Shikha Mittal, who first used ‘Nukkad Natak’ to decode financial jargons in collaboration with the NSE, explains, “People who found it boring to attend financial literacy sessions were now interested in watching 12-min long street plays on topics they found scary and unrelatable.”

Rehana D’Suza, Vice President & Head of Business Development, National Stock Exchange of India Limited adds, “Financial literacy and management is a huge gap left in our education overall. It results in utter lack of confidence among young professionals and makes them prone to frauds and misguided investment decisions which hurt them in the longer term. Even popular advice obtained through media or social media is often biased or incorrect. Corporates trust us to deliver content that is correct, up to date, objective, well-researched and effective.”

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