Trinity Gaming and sports communication agency, Artsmith, join hands

Trinity Gaming joins Artsmith

To create awareness among the gamers & influencers who want to pursue a career in gaming content creations and how they can monetise and create a brand for themselves, India’s top gaming talent management company, Trinity Gaming, has signed sports communication agency Artsmith. Specializing in sports and esports PR, the country’s one of the top new age communication firms Artsmith has added Trinity Gaming to their esports bouquet of the client list, with this partnership.

Trinity Gaming has successfully established a strong platform for these specialised gamers with currently managing more than 250 top content creators in India and has transformed them into entertainers and influencers who bring much more value than just merely playing in the gaming ecosystem. The company has channelised the passion for gaming among millennial gamers since 2019 and transformed it into a viable career option for many. They have been one of the first movers in the sector with a commitment to bringing professionalism to the ecosystem and they currently curate content for some of India’s top brands.

Commenting on the tie-up, Abhishek Aggarwal, Co-Founder & CEO of Trinity Gaming, said, “Gaming is all about passion and there are some brilliant minds with amazing ability to create content and these creators did not have the right backing and a strong voice to understand how to create values or a career out of it. We saw an opportunity to create a unique support system where not only the talents are groomed but also amalgamate with brands. According to the recently released EY FICCI 2021 report, online gamers grew 20% from 300 million in 2019 to 360 million in 2020. The numbers themselves validate how big is the community is. The potential is unlimited but creating a strong awareness programme is equally necessary to optimise the opportunities and I personally believe Artsmith has all the necessary experience to roll out this narrative among the gaming community.”

Artsmith, as an agency, brings in years of experience and expertise in creating an innovative mix of PR and digital communication that is innovative and value for money. “Artsmith has the experience and understanding of handholding talents and building a strong brand positioning with maximum visibility. We have worked with top Indian athletes and worked closely to transform them into sustainable content creators as well as influencers and we are confident of positioning Trinity Gaming as a new-age talent management firm with the efficiency of elevating gamers on similar lines and create India’s largest brands story experiences,” said Udita, the Founding Principal of Artsmith.

For international and national sporting events and sports leagues in the country, Artsmith has been successfully managing communications for global sports brands like PUMA as well as creating communications. The company has the exclusive communication mandate for premium sports tournaments with Tata Open Maharashtra, India Open—the country’s only Superseries badminton tournament organised by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) being some of the key clients in the roster.

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